Merchant Compliance Screening
Analyse. Identify. Protect

Merchant screening with

At Certifit we provide Acquiring Banks and Payment Service Providers the necessary tools to conform with the dynamic security and compliance challenges that arise in the modern Ecommerce environment. Protect the integrity of your Acquiring portfolio, detect illegal or brand-damaging activities and ensure compliance with the latest Visa/ MasterCard Brand Protection Rules with the help of Certifit expertise and comprehensive merchant analytics tools.

Protect your portfolio

Protect your Acquiring portfolio with merchant and website analytics. Avoid on-boarding of suspicious or reported merchants to your Ecommerce portfolio

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Be compliant

Conform with latest Visa and MasterCard rules governing Payment network protection against illicit actors and mandating merchant website requirements

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Reduce risk

Reduce risk of disputes and possibility of fines from Payment schemes and Regulators by maintaining a safe and compliant Ecommerce portfolio

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