Merchant Compliance Screening
Analyse. Identify. Protect

Enhanced Merchant Screening

Whether you are a Bank or Payment Service Provider it is crucial to safeguard your Business and the Payment network from potentially unlawful actors. As the compliance landscape and fraud methods are becoming increasingly complex, the duty to ensure Acquirers role in protecting the Payment network can prove to be a heavy burden. At Certifit we strive to provide Acquirers with the necessary tools and know-how to detect potential or verified fraud and keep up with latest changes in Card Scheme rules.

Compliance with Visa/ MasterCard

No software installation or  integrations

Follow-up on latest rule changes and trends

Reduce regulatory and fraud risks

CertiCheck and CertiScan Website and Merchant Screening Services

By combining web analytics with human analysis we have created two distinct services to meet the needs of protecting your Acquiring business. Both services come included with consultation about best practices, follow-up on most recent Scheme rule changes and informing about latest industry trends. All of our services are handled by Certifit team and with Certifit technical resources. This means no aditional software installations, integrations or technical know-how for our customers.


Website Requirement Check

Implementing robust on-boarding procedures is essential in deterring potential rogue actors in compromising your payment network. Requiring to fulfill website requirements set forth by Card Schemes should be an essential step during on-boarding of new merchants. This ensures increased quality of portfolio and deterrs potential rogue actors. CertiCheck is a fully outsourced service designed to handle Website requirement checks during merchant on-boarding.

  • Ensure portfolio compliance with latest Card Scheme website requirements
  • Reduce incoming chargebacks
  • Deter rogue actors using your payment network
  • Avoid fines by Card Schemes


Comprehensive Merchant Scan

CertiScan is a comprehensive web analysis service specifically designed to detect potentially fraudulent merchants and to comply with Visa Global Brand Protection Program (GBPP) and MasterCard Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) Program. CertiScan service uses a combination of web scraping techniques, databases and human analyses to detect potential and confirmed fraudulent actors. 

  • Detect Transaction Laundering and fraudulent merchant websites
  • Ensure compliance with Visa GBPP and MasterCard BRAM Programs
  • Reduce regulatory risks
  • Avoid fines by Card Schemes
  • Reduce incoming chargebacks

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